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When I first started out blogging.. way back in the day (like last year), it was strictly for fun. It was a way to share my stories with my family and friends back home (I say that because they were the only ones reading my blog)!

I shared my love of arts, crafts and crochet and offered a few free patterns and got some positive feedback on them. I very very very slowly started gaining followers. I thought to myself, “Huh, I kind of like this pattern writing stuff”. I asked myself.. how can I get my patterns out there? So I did a little research and found that it’s fairly easy to do. Below are a list of sites where I ‘advertise’ my free patterns. I found some of them and some of them found me.

If you have any free patterns that you are looking to get out into the crochet world, here is a good place to start (keep in mind that most of these sites require you to sign up as members). Click on the logos to go directly to their site:

Once you become a member of Ravelry, not only do you have access to a massive database filled with free and ready to purchase patterns, you can also list your crochet and/or knitting patterns!  Before you complete that first step, make sure that you complete your profile so that the community gets a sense of who you are.


The Yarn Box is another amazing source of free patterns.  They have a very cool feature where you can get random patterns.  I often times spend way to much times clicking that random button.  Again, you have to sign up for membership and complete a profile but once that’s done, you can list away.  A few things you should keep in mind when listing your patterns: you should make sure your pattern is absolutely free, it must be a crochet pattern (no knitting patterns here), it must be original and you have to include a picture of the finished pattern.  Folks over at The Yarn Box review every pattern submitted, so you will have to wait a bit before it is actually published.  Not too long though, I promise.  While you’re at it, I highly suggest signing up for their newsletter.  The Yarn Box, like us here at B&B, are not spammy.. at all.  You receive one newsletter a week featuring great patterns!


Crochet at Play is one of those rare sites where do you not have to sign up to become a member.  All you do is click the submit tab under the logo and follow the instructions.  They ask you for the pattern name, link, category and the date.  That’s it!  Easy Peasy!  If you have a ton of free patterns available, you may want to consider listing yourself as a designer (you can find B&B here).  Designers get their own page on the site and have all of their patterns listed on their page.  It’s a sweet deal!

All Free Crochet was one of the sites that actually found me.  But I did some digging around their site and found out how to get your free patterns listed.  From the home page, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the site.  Right between the Privacy Policy and the Subscribe button, you will find a button labeled submit pattern.  Follow the instructions and wait for a response.  Now, you don’t have to be a member to access their free pattern directory and if you have some time on your hands, I suggest taking a leisurely stroll through their massive, and I mean massive, inventory of free patterns.  I am convinced you can find just about any pattern you are looking for on this site.


Here’s another great little gem of a site that found me.  Adding your patterns to the site is easy as can be.  You do not have to sign for membership, all you do is click the tab marked Add Your Patterns and follow the instructions.  You have to submit a picture along with your pattern link, name, email and a brief message.  Here’s a tip, make sure your picture isn’t too large, otherwise you’ll get a message asking you to resize it.  They also do a button swap, which is a great way to get your name out into crochet world.  you grab one of their buttons and ask them to grab one of yours.

Those are the big sites that I submit links to my free patterns on.  Aside from that, I also do a bit of networking within the crochet community.  Not only is doing so helpful to building a fan base but you get to meet amazing people who are always more than willing to share the tricks of their trade with you.  Facebook is always the best place to start. Don’t be afraid to join different crochet groups and pages, introduce yourself.. get to know the members and tell them about your free patterns!

I hope you all found this helpful.  Stay tuned for more posts like this as well as many more free patterns.  Also remember to sign up for our newsletter.  Not only do you get a free e-book upon signing up, but you also get access to new, exclusive patterns for subscriber only.  I’ve also been known to give away free copies of my paid patterns…. but shhhh, don’t tell anyone.  Until next time, Happy Hooking!

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  1. Cindy says:

    Vanessa, I really want to make up this Boxy Neon Afghan however I am struggling to understand the 5th row which states to crochet in front of the
    4 chain of prev row…OK but when doing that it leaves the chain hanging at the back or if I crochet over it covers that chain and is bulk which doesn,t look that way in the pattern? Your clarification on this will be much appreciated.

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