My Never-Ending Scrap Yarn Bobble Blanket

Nearly every time I crochet, I can usually be found working on two different projects at once.  Not because I’m this amazing multitasker, but because I get easily bored (especially with big afghans).  For the past several months, my boredom buster has been this bobble blanket:

Bobbles 2

I love it!  Not only does it use up all my scrap yarn, but it has also given me a chance to step out of my color rut.  Plus, there’s nothing like a repetitive pattern to help me relax and catch up on my Dr. Who episodes!  As you can see, the bobble pattern is staggered. This helps to eliminate any gaps between bobble rows and makes for an ultra thick, warm afghan.

 Bobbles 3

When I crochet, I tend to crochet very loosely.  For this blanket, I am trying ever so hard to tighten up my stitches.  It gives the blanket a fuller, thicker feel.  It’s a work in progress.  My fingers tend to have a mind all their own when I get into the swing of it.

The bonus part of this blanket is that not only is the front attractive, the back is quite lovely as well!

Bobbles 4

This is an ongoing project for me and my color palette makes no sense at all!  However, I find myself falling in love with the color combination.  Making this afghan did help me realize one thing though: I tend to make afghans with warm colors (excluding the baby ones). I had very little light or cool colors.  So I confess, I did go out and actually buy some yarn for my scrap yarn project. What can I say *shrugs* 🙂

So, if you would like to try your hand at it, here is my pattern.  I have not finished mine, so I’m not sure what type of border I will put on it, or if I’ll put any border at all.  As it stands now, the edging looks as if the bobbles are floating which is very cool!  Either way, when I get to the end, I will update this post.  Happy Hooking!

Materials:  Worsted Weight Yarn, Assorted Colors

Crochet hook:  Size I

BOBBLE CROCHET: double crochet 5 together

Here is a good tutorial

Row 1:  Chain 177 (or any odd number needed to reach your desired length)

Row 2:  Bobble crochet in the 2nd ch from hook.  Bobble crochet in every ch thereafter all the way across.  Ch1.  Turn

Row 3:  SC (in both loops) in second ch from hook. Sc in every ch thereafter all the way across. Cut yarn leaving a long tail of at least 6 inches.  You will have to weave this end in later.

Row 4:  With new color, slipknot onto hook.  Insert hook in last loop of row 2 and pull through.  Ch1.  Turn.  Bobble crochet all the way across. Ch1.  Turn

Repeat rows 2-5 until desired length is achieved.

Final Row: Skip last step (ch1 and turn).  Bind off.

Zoo Animal Baby Afghan – Part I

I started a new baby blanket this week. I decided to go for a traditional soft yellow, just a bit darker than a pastel yellow. I’m working it with a sport weight yarn. It is worked in one color and as one piece. I was pleasantly surprised by this as it looks so complex… but it really isn’t. The middle is a checkerboard pattern while the outer edge has an animal pattern. Here are a few pics of the work in progress.

Center of blanket Beginnings of a griaffe

The first picture depicts the center of the blanket while the second is the beginnings of a giraffe (notice the head). This one is a lot of fun to make and it’s going pretty quickly as well. I’ll update with the finished project as soon as I’m done. Hopefully this weekend, but I’m also redoing my kitchen, so it may just be sometime next week.

Double Sided Baby Blanket

Double Sided Baby Blanket

I made this blanket over the weekend for a coworker who is having a baby. It has a beautiful shell pattern, it is reversible and surprisingly thick. Perfect for the Fall and Winter.

I used blue and cream but this blanket will look great with just about any color combination. I hope you have as much fun making your own as I did.

Materials: 12 oz of color A

12 oz of color B

Size G hook

Row 1: (shell  row): With color A, chain 173.
Work 1 dc in 5th ch from hook. 3 dc in next ch, 1 dc in next ch (shell completed).
*skip 2 ch, work 1 dc in next ch, 3 dc in next ch, 1 dc in next ch.
* Repeat from * to * across to ch just before last, do not work in last ch.
Drop loop from hook, do not cut yarn. Do not turn.


Row 2: (chain Loop Row) With color B.   Starting at the beginning of last row (dropped loop from row 1 should be on opposite end), join B with sc in 4th ch of turning ch (the ch before 1st dc of first shell st row).


Working in the front of last row, *ch 6, skip next shell, sc in first ch of the 2 skipped ch in foundation chain (between shells)*. Repeat from * to * across. Ch 6, sc in end ch (the free chain at the end of last shell)

Second row should look like this (I inserted the hook to show that there is a space)


Row 3: (Shell Row) With color B, ch 2, turn. Slip st in first dc of last shell st row. Ch 2
* 5 dc in center st of shell (3rd dc) and in ch 6 loop.  5 dc in center st of next shell and ch 6 loop * Repeat from * to * across.
Drop loop from hook. Do not cut yarn. Do not turn.

End of third row should like like this (side 1 and 2)



Row 4: (Chain Loop Row) Pick up dropped color A at end of the shell st row before last.
*ch 6. Working in front, skip shell. 1 sc in space between shells (in the same color shell)* Repeat from * to * across.
Ch 6, skip last shell, 1 sc in chain loop row.

Fourth row should look like this (I inserted a hook to show where there is a space)


Row 5: With color A, work same as for row 3. Do not turn.

Fifth row should look like this



Row 6: Pick up dropped B loop at end of shell st row before last. Work same as for row 4.

Repeat rows 3,4,5 & 6 for pattern. Work until length desired is reached.

Repeat rows 3 & 4

Border: *Double crochet in each st across. For corners: 2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc in same corner ch* Repeat from * to * once. Join with sl st.