Amigurumi II (or, omg I can’t believe I made something other than an afghan)!

Ok, so I buckled down, watched a ton of youtube videos (which, by the way only served to confuse me some more since there are a ton of ways to stitch this!!), picked the most comfortable method for me and went at it again.  I completely unraveled the body and head (see failure here) and started from the beginning.. for the 10th time.  I took a few liberties with the pattern since it was not very well written and added a few touches such as the decorative buttons.  I also chose not to add real button eyes like the pattern called for.  I wouldn’t give a toddler something with buttons sown on for fear of them pulling them off and swallowing them.  Instead, I decided to crochet the eyes in.

The finished product is not perfect, it’s not 100% symmetrical, really doesn’t resemble an elephant all that much… but the little guy is adorable!




  1. Well done! That’s a fantastic first attempt, much better than mine. I love crochet and would love to get the hang of amigurami (what’s not to love about adorably little crochet plushies?) but the confusing patterns often result in endless frustration and giving up. But that little elephant is definitely beyond adorable =)

    • Thank you so much! I completely agree about the patterns, they are extremely confusing. The more I look at the little guy, the more I like it. I think I’ll try my hand at another.

  2. Mom this looks amazing and totally like an elephant. You did a great job, considering it was your first time. Love you so much, Taty

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