Mosaic Monday

What a week I’ve had.  It was a sad, bittersweet week.  I’ve had to deal with and process all of these new emotions as I deal with the death of my grandmother.  It was good to be home and see my family, I just wish it were under better circumstances.  In my week in pictures, you will see my lovely grandmother, who I adored immensely and whom I will always miss.  There are also a few of the NYC sights, including my indulgence at Starbucks.  And finally, the comforts of home, including some lovely flowers my employees gave me upon my return to work.  I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Mosaic Monday 2   Mosaic Monday 1   Mosaic Monday 3

Mosaic Monday 4   Mosaic Monday 5   Mosaic Monday 7

Mosaic Monday 9   Mosaic Monday 8   Mosaic Monday 6



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