The Impossible Bag

After weeks of sewing machine intimidation, I finally buckled down and completed my first ever crocheted bag!  I am so very proud of myself for doing this.  It’s not perfect, but I love it! My bag has been completed for a while now, the crocheting part anyway.  I had everything I needed to get it fully done, but my fear of my sewing machine has kept me away.  I finally decided to just get over it and after a few trials (and more than a few ruined pieces of fabric), it’s done.

My wife and I went to Michael’s over the weekend and they had a ton of fat quarters on sale for $1.  I went a little crazy while my wife was down another aisle and I stocked up on the lovely array of fabric they had.  The pic below shows a few of the ones I was considering for the bag lining.  I purchased the handles online from  They have great fabric and accessories.


I chose the cute plaid patterned fabric for my lining since the green stripes matched the handles the most.  And, after hours spent searching for tutorials on lining a bag, and watching endless videos that only left me more confused than when I started, I found this little gem!!  She should have labeled her post, Sewing a Bag Lining for Dummies.. it was that easy to follow.  Thank you Futuregirl for an amazingly easy tutorial!


And this is what the final piece looks like:bag3Yay Me!



    • I thought the same thing and then my youngest daughter fell in love with it, so I ended up giving it to her. Thank you for the compliment.

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