Handmade Mother’s Day Bouquet

Once again, my crafty wife came up with a brilliant idea… and this time, I got to sit and watch (and take pics) while her and the kids completed this one on their own.  In lieu of giving my mother-in-law real flowers that will wilt and die faster than you can blink, she came up with the idea that the girls should give them a handmade paper flower bouquet.  They turned out so lovely I just had to share.


Scrapbook paper was used for the petals and leaves. Skewers were used for  the stems, we purchased them at our local grocery store.  You’ll also need a hot glue gun and scissors.  To top it off, we placed them in one of the lovely stained glass mason jars we previously made (tutorial found here) with some clear and white glass pebbles.

bouquet2  bouquet3  bouquet4  bouquet5  bouquet6  bouquet7  bouquet9  bouquet8

We found a great tutorial for these flowers here.  Instead of printing out her colored patterns, we printed the white ones found here and made them into templates which we traced onto the scrapbook paper.  The finished products were quite lovely

            bouquet10      bouquet11 



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