Busy as a Bee

I had an extremely productive weekend.  Shall I say, even more productive than when I did this?  Well, maybe a different kind of productive.  This weekend, I opened up an Etsy store!!!  I am so exited about this new venture.  Because of this, I’ve started making things other than afghans.  I figured this is just the thing to give me a much needed push out of my afghan rut.  I have quite enjoyed making all sorts of new things to put in the store. I’ll be adding more products to the store as the weeks go by.   Here’s what I’ve accomplished thus far:

Bedtime owl sleep masks
Bedtime owl sleep masks
Retro Flower Pot Holders
Retro Flower Pot Holders
photo 2
Sets of 6 crocheted caoasters
PH 1
A few sets of pot holders in varying designs and colors

I also started making bags and am putting a efw of them up.  Here’s one:

Reversible Boho bag

And of course, all of the afghans that I make and feature on my blog will be available for purchase.  I am so excited about this.  Even if nothing sells, that’s ok.  The fact that i have accomplished this much is a reward in and of itself!  This blog and now the Etsy store has made me push my crafting limits, I have been able to make so many more things in these past few months than I have in the past few years!  And everyone who has read the blog, left positive remarks and have sent me e-mails and questions have all kept me pushing to be better.  Thank you!



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