From Drab to Fab!

My wife and I received a lovely vintage dining room set a few weeks ago as a gift from one of her employers and dear friend.  From the tags attached to the bottom of seat, these pieces look like they were crafted in the 1920’s.  They are in immaculate condition and we couldn’t have been more grateful or excited to receive this precious gift.  The one thing we found when we placed them in our dining room was that the set was extremely formal and looked a little out of place in our less-than-formal home.

So what did we do to remedy the situation?  We got to crafting as we always do!!  We started with the chairs.  I purchased some lovely home decorating fabric in chevron stripes from Sew Fine Fabrics.  Check out her Etsy store here.  She has an AMAZING array of fabrics.  I’ve purchased a few of her pieces aside from the chevron and she does not disappoint!  Aside from the lovely selection, her prices are extremely reasonable.

First up, we selected 3 colors of the same fabric and our chairs went from this to this:


Since we have 6 chairs in all, we selected 3 different colors and placed 1 color on 2 chairs:

 6    5

Next up, we spiced up the look of our hutch by adding colorful pieces.  My mother in law gifted us a ton of colorful Fiesta Ware plates, bowls, and cups.  They were the perfect addition and matched our chairs perfectly:

                7               8

I’ve noticed that furniture from days gone by is not quite as big as our pieces today.  In order to give the hutch a little height, my wife added some lovely decorations on top.  I left all the hard work to her (nail gun, decorating, placement), she’s a pro at that!  I’m telling you folks, she is like the interior decorating queen!

I love that we were able to update this vintage piece without compromising its quality.


I forgot to take off the table padding for the pic.  But believe me when I say that the craftsmanship of the wood is exquisite!  I love the final look!  A big thank you to Jodi over at Sew Fine Fabrics for the beautiful, durable fabric!!



  1. What a beautiful gift! Love how you updated it. My daughter would love all that Fiestaware tho. She has started a collection and would drool over your stuff.

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