Crochet Stripes by Bernat

Hop on over to the Hodge Podge Blog. Tanya, who runs the always entertaining and extremely addicting Hodge Podge group on Facebook gave us a small shout. I recently posted a pattern in group and you can now grab it from her blog. The pattern is no longer available on the Bernat website (it’s a good thing I printed a copy)! Head on over there and show Hodge Podge some Bauble Love.

HodgePodge Crochet

Recently, a good friend of mine named Vanessa (a HodgePodger from the HodgePodge Crochet Group who runs the amazing page Bobbles & Baubles on facebook and who you can also find over at where she has FREEBIES) posted this glorious blanket that she made as a gift.  Crochet Stripes by Bernat

Of course the group all reacted the same way as you are right now–we had to have this pattern!! Unfortunately, Bernat (who offered this pattern for free over on their website until they decided to update their look and revamp to reflect an edgier and more modern style) no longer had this gorgeous pattern up on their site. There were tears and a few HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US, BERNAT!!! rants making the rounds.

But never fear. If you’re as enamored with this blanket as we all were you can get your own copy simply by clicking this link–> Crochet…

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