Easy Versatile 10 Minute Headband

In case you are wondering why I am putting up a ton of posts in one day… well here’s the answer: A few months ago, I left my old server and switched back to WordPress.  Unfortunately, in doing so, I lost all of my posts from 2014 and 2015 – what a mess!!  The good thing is that I managed to archive the majority of them.  The bad news – I have to manually type them all up again!

But no fear, I am up for the challenge.  Here’s the latest and greatest:

Easy Versatile 10 Minute Headband

Easy Versatile 10 minute Headband - Bobbles & Baubles   Easy Versatile 10 Minute Headband - Bobbles & Baubles

Size G Crochet Hook
1 Coated Elastic Hair Band
Cotton Yarn (I used Lilly Sugar n’ Cream)
Yarn Needle for weaving in ends

Make 2
Ch. 62
Hdc in second chain from hook and each st across
Finish Off.  Weave in ends.

Insert hook into ends of both strands
Insert hook into elastic band

Join all with a single crochet.
Sc a few times through all 3 to make it more secure

Your joining stitches will look like this
Take care not to twist your chains and repeat on the other side

The elastic band will help make it stretchy and it’s sure to fit most head sizes.  Here’s a tip: using cotton yarn is best because regular acrylic yarn will stretch out over time.  Cotton yarn will help prevent this.


That’s it for today.. Happy Hooking and stay tuned for the next freebie!



    • Insert hook through both ends and through the elastic band, yarn over and pull through all 3… do this a few times to make it more sturdy. Hope this helps!

  1. i cannot for the life of me to get the elastic band through both of them.. i tried many different ways but no idea.. What am i yarning over and pulling through? the elastic band?

  2. What are you yarning over and pulling thru the elastic band? Crocheting the elastic band is really confusing. Is there a video we can watch on how to connect these?

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