Boxy Border Scarf – Free Pattern

Happy Friday!!  It’s been a while since I’ve done a free pattern Friday.  Today, I’m resurrecting an old favorite of mine, the Boxy Border Scarf.  I know it’s still a little chilly somewhere out there right??  Well if it is, and you are in need of warming up, here’s the pattern for you:

Boxy Border Scarf - Bobbles & Baubles

You can download the entire pattern book by clicking the link below.

Box Border Scarf Pattern





  1. I tried to get the instructions for the boxy border scarf, but could not find them, nor could I click on any icon or message to get the pattern. I realize that the pattern is new so maybe it hasn’t been published yet.

  2. I’d like to know where the pattern is as well…that’s a lovely stitch pattern – and I’d love to have this pattern…
    it says “Free Pattern” – but the pattern is not here…
    Can you please tell us where to find it? – please?
    I’ve just recently found your site and am impressed with your work….I’m signing up to receive updates as well.
    Could you please let us know where to find the pattern for the Boxy Border Scarf?

  3. Same thing here. It says “Here is the pattern.” There is a lovely picture…and I love the look of this stitch….but there is NO pattern here….HOW do we get it? It does say “Free Pattern Friday” in your comments…
    Can we PLEASE have the pattern? – or tell us where to find it?

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