Bullet Journal – October Set Up

Another month is upon us and I decided to be proactive and start my bullet journal on or before the 1st.  As it turns out, I lost all track of time since my youngest daughter and I were both sick.  So the 1st it is!  I decided to keep a few layouts that worked for me and get rid of a few (the dreaded water tracker) and here are the final outcomes.

I added a touch of Halloween to my title pages.  I didn’t quite fill up my goals, events and to-do’s last month, so I decided to combine them into my calendar page.

Bobblesandbaubles.com Bullet Journal Set Up

One of my favorite sections from last month was my mood mandala.  Again, I gave this month’s Halloween flare.  These pages kept me coming back to my journal every night and helped keep me on track with all the other pages.  I also found that I was only grumpy once last month.  I think that knowing I had to color in my mood at the end of my day kept me on an even keel.  I wanted no red to glare out at me at the end of the month.

(For those that asked me last month what the numbers were on my color key – they correspond to the colored pencils I used.  Every number is a different color.  Since there are over 100 colors, it helped with the organization)

Bobblesandbaubles.com Bullet Journal Set Up

Another favorite turned out to be my quotes page.  I found that all but one of my quotes came straight out of the books I read (9 books in total), so I joined the two pages this month.  Once I finish a book, I write in the title and color the book (see below for the 1st book I finished up today)

IMG_0001 (1)

Finally, I decided to do a my pages for gratitude a bit different this month.  Last month it was just one page and I listed my daily gratitudes in a bullet style.  This month, I will do it in a regular journal format, using all the lines and writing a little more about my day.

IMG_0003 (2)

My biggest goal for the month is planning my daughter’s 2nd birthday.  She’s currently obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  That will be the theme of this year’s birthday, and most everything will be homemade.  Stay tune for a crafty post on those crafts coming soon!


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