About Us


My family and I have always been big on crafting… from school projects to rainy day projects and everything in between.  We’ve covered them all!

So here, we share with you our passions, our frustrations, our screw-ups and our successes.  Enjoy  the Journey! My particular passion is crocheting.  I remember sitting in my dorm room .. way back in the day.. contemplating whether or not to go to class and wishing I’d picked an easier major, such as underwater basket weaving.  I decided to skip class and head out to the mall (yes, I did eventually graduate but there were many more skipped classes to come).  During my impromptu outing, I came across a crochet for beginners book.  I always wanted to learn the art of crocheting, and yes, it is an art.. just ask any beginner.  After completing my first project, a sad looking scarf, I was hooked (no pun intended)!  15+ years later, I’m still perfecting it, making tons of pieces and enjoying every minute of it.

~ Vanessa and the Fam





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