Flamingo Sleep Masks

Good Morning Bauble Heads!  Two weeks ago, I received a request for custom flamingo masks.  Most of you already know that I have a variety of masks, including sheep and pandas.  Making a flamingo one never even crossed my mind.  But you know me, I aim to please.  So I quickly agreed and with the help of my lovely wife, who sketched it out for me, I was able to create this pattern.  Enjoy and if you happen to make one, share your pics with me!

Flamingo Sleep Masks

Flamingo Sleep Masks - Bobbles & Baubles

Size J Crochet Hook
Size H Crochet Hook
I skein of yarn (I used Vanna’s Choice Yarn in Pink)
Black yarn for the eyes, tip of beak and straps
White yarn for the eyes
White Cotton Fabric
Stitch Marker (or safety pin)
Yarn Needle
Sewing Needle
White thread
Disappearing Ink Fabric Marker

MASK (with J hook)
R1:      Ch 6.  2 sc in 2nd ch from hook.  Sc in next 3.  2 sc in last.  Ch 1.  Turn. (7)
R2:      Sc in each st across.  Ch 1.  Turn (7)
R3:      2 sc in first.  Sc  in next 5.  2 sc in last.  Ch 1.  Turn (9)
R4-8:  Sc in each st across.  Ch 1.  Turn. (9)
R9:     Sc 2tog.  Sc in next 5.  Sc 2tog.  Ch 1.  Turn (7)
R10:   Sc in each st across.  Ch 1.  Turn. (7)
R11:   Sc 2tog.  Sc in next 5.  Ch 1.  Turn (6)
R12:   Sc in each st across.  Ch 1.  Turn. (6)
R13:   2 sc in first.  Sc in next 5.  Ch 1.  Turn (7)
R14:   Sc in each st across.  Ch 1.  Turn (7)
R15:   2 sc in first.  Sc in next 5.  2 sc in last.  Ch 1.  Turn (9)
R16-20:  Sc in each st across.  Ch 1.  Turn (9)
R21:   Sc 2tog.  Sc in next 5.  Sc 2tog.  Ch 1.  Turn (7)
R22:  Sc in each st across.  Ch 1.  Turn (7)
R23:  Sc 2tog.  Sc in next 3.  Sc 2tog.  Ch 1.  Turn (5)
R24:  Sc in each st across.  DO NOT TURN.  Continue to sc around the entire mask.  Fasten off.  Weave in ends.

EYES (With H hook, make 2)
Rnd1:  With black, 4 sc in magic ring.  Join and change color to white.
Rnd2:  In back loops, dc in same st.  2 dc in next 2 sts.  2 sc in next.  Join.  fasten off, leaving a long tail for weaving in

BEAK (with H hook)
NOTE:  leave a long tail for sewing in the beginning (round 1, before chaining 12) because this is the row that will be attached to the mask)
Rnd1:  With Pink.  Ch 12.  Making sure to keep chain straight, join with sl st to first ch.  Place stitch marker (you will be moving it up as you complete each round)
Rnd2-3:  Sc in each st across.
Rnd4-5:  Sc 2tog.  Sc in each st across.
Rnd6:  Sc 2tog.  Sc in each st across
Rnd7:  Sc 2tog twice.  Sc in each st across
Rnd8:  Sc in each st across
Rnd9-10:  Sc 2tog across.  Finish off.  weave in ends.

Flamingo Sleep Mask - Bobbles & Baubles

Attach eyes and beak to  mask as shown in picture above.

STRAPS (make 2)
Cut two 22″ strips of black yarn and two 22″ strips of pink yarn.
With yarn needle, thread them evenly through side of mask.  Braid and knot at the bottom.
Repeat for other side.  Trim.

Cut a small amount of yarn (at least 4 pieces).  Thread through top of mask (see picture for placement) and tie in a knot.  trim as necessary.

Flamingo Sleep Masks - Bobbles & Baubles

With fabric Marker, place mask over fabric and trace around it.  Cut fabric just below tracing. Place it on the back of mask and trim if necessary.  Using a blanket stitch, sew around the edges of fabric.

Flamingo Sleep Masks - Bobbles & Baubles

*Whew*  That was a long one!  I hope you enjoy making these masks.  Try them with different shades of pink as I did or go a little crazy and use other fun colors!   Happy Hooking!

Baby Beanie Hat with Floral Accent 0-6 months


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This adorable little beanie is ideal for your 0 – 6 month old darling. As promised, here is the pattern. I changed colors in the last row to give it a little contrast:


Worsted weight yarn (I used Vanna’s Choice – it’s super super soft and comes in great colors)

Hook size H

Needle for weaving in ends and sewing on flower


Rd1: Start with a magic ring – 11dc in magic ring, join to first dc. Ch2

Rd2: 2dc in each st around. Join to first dc. Ch2. (22dc)

Rd3: *2dc in first st. Dc in next st* around. Join to first dc. Ch2. (33dc)

Rd4: *2dc in first st. Dc in next 2 sts.* around. Join to first dc. Ch2. (44dc)

Rd5: *2dc in first st. Dc in next 10 sts* around. Join to first dc. Ch2. (48dc)

Rd6-11: Dc in each st around. Join to first dc. Ch2. (48dc)

Rd12: Sc in each st around. Join to first sc. Fasten off. (48sc)


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Start with a magic ring. 10sc in magic ring. Join to first sc.

*[hdc, dc, hdc] in first stitch, sl st in next st* around

Fasten off leaving a long tail to sew on to beanie

You’re done! Easy Breezy!!

Enjoy and happy hooking Bauble Heads!

p.s. New free pattern coming next week!

Decadent Stripes Afghan

Once again, my wife commissioned another piece from me.  This time, she wanted an afghan for our living room.  One that would take the place of a blanket that rests on the sofa.  She decided that she loved the Candy Stripes afghan so much, she wanted a larger version to match our space.  2 weeks later, this is the outcome of that request:

photo (6)

I have really enjoyed making these striped afghans.  The line and color possibilities are endless.   I see many striped afghan Christmas presents in my future.  They are quick and fairly simple.  The edging seems to be the only tricky part.

photo (5)photo (2)

 This pattern is worked exactly the same as the Candy Stripes Afghan (found here).  I tailored it to make the pattern a full sized afghan:

Materials: 2 skeins each of  ”Loops & Threads: Impeccable Impecable” yarn in the following colors: True Grey, Claret, Chocolate & Aqua.  1 skein Soft Taupe

Crochet Hook: Size I

Row 1:  Ch 200

row 2:  Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each stitch across.  Turn

row 3:  Ch1.  Sc in each st across.  Turn

row 4-250: repeat row 3 following color table below (number shown corresponds to number of rows for that particular color)

6 Claret

16 True Grey

4 Claret

16 Chocolate

20 Claret

1 Chocolate

6 Claret

20 True Grey

20 Soft Taupe

1 Claret

13 Aqua

1 Soft Taupe

16 Chocolate

4 Claret

6 Aqua

16 True Grey

16 Aqua

13 Claret

1 True Grey

4 Soft Taupe

13 Chocolate

6 Claret

1 Chocolate

1 True Grey

20 Claret

1 True Grey

3 Chocolate

7 Aqua

Border:  Join with sl st in any corner.  *(Sc in corner, ch 2, sc) in same corner*.  Sc across to next corner, repeat from *to* at every corner.  Bind off.

You can continue adding colors or stop at 1

I cut the yarn at the end of each color change and wove in all of the yarn at the end.