Crochet Stripes Blanket Pattern

I posted this blanket a while back in this great group I belong to on Facebook called HodgePodge Crochet.  I made it for my wife’s cousin as her baby shower gift.

Crochet Stripes Blanket - Bobbles & Baubles

After I posted it in the group page, the post went crazy.  Everyone wanted a copy of the pattern.  I searched high and low for this pattern and could not find it anywhere!  before Bernat merged with Yarnspirations, it was available for free on the Bernat site.  But it seems that they no longer offer it.  Thank Goodness I saved a copy!

Crochet Stripes - Bobbles & Baubles Crochet Stripes Blanket - Bobbles & Baubles

Since then, many of you have been asking me where they can find this pattern.  Since this was a free pattern put out there and it is not for sale, I decided to put it up here.  Please note, this is not my pattern, this pattern is by Bernat.   Click below for the pattern:





  1. Love this pattern and started working on it yesterday…but I’m having trouble with the tr in the MC rows after the contrast rows (I’m fairly new to crocheting.) How do you get it to not just loop up on both sides and actually get the stitch to lay across the other color? Also, if you skip the sc after the tr, won’t you be short stitches on the next row. I’ve tried to figure it out from pictures, but just can’t get it. Could you please help? Thanks!

  2. Hi I was wondering if you have a you tube clip for this blanket as Im not 100% with reading patterns in sayin this I think this pattern is one of the best I have read Thanks heaps kind regards Susan

  3. Love this pattern, I am new to crocheting and have always done you tube videos. I’m going to try this but would love if you put it on you tube!! thank you

    • Marcia, had the same issue, maybe YouTube will have a video tutorial. Mikey from the Crochet Crowd website might have a link since he does a lot of yarnspiration patterns. I haven’t looked yet, but that’s just a suggestion. 😎 Good luck!

  4. I read over the pattern, thanks for posting it. It seems that once the blanket is done the wrong side would have solid stripes, correct? I’m trying to figure out a way of making both sides the same. I’ll post again if I come up with something.

  5. I think I’m missing something or the chain 4 doesn’t have any stitches in it and hangs loose on the wrong side.
    Please advise.

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