Candy Stripes Baby Afghan

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So, you know how I mentioned in my previous post that I have been crocheting like a mad woman to keep my mind off of my grandmother’s death?  Well, this is the product of one of those mad crochet sessions.  This took two days to complete and I quite love it.  Although I tried to lighten it, the picture came out a bit darker than the colors actually are.  What looks like black in the picture is actually a chocolate brown.  I worked the entire afghan in single crochet.  It was just the right amount of tedious to distract me for a bit.  That, and my wife’s pampering – which I don’t mind one bit.

photo       photo (4)

The close up above shows a truer version of the chocolate.

For those of you interested in making it, it is actually quite simple:

Materials: 1 skein each of  “Loops & Threads: Impeccable Impecable” yarn in the following colors: Soft Fern, Aqua, Chocolate, Aran, Rouge

Crochet Hook: Size I

Row 1:  Ch 114

row 2:  Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each stitch across.  Turn

row 3:  Ch1.  Sc in each st across.  Turn

row 4-130: repeat row 3 following color table below (number shown corresponds to number of rows for that particular color)

14 Aran

3  Soft fern

3  Chocolate

14  Rouge

3  Aqua

14 Soft fern

3 Rouge

14 Aqua

14 Aran

6 Chocolate

3 Aran

6 Chocolate

14 Aqua

19 Soft fern

 Border:  Join with sl st in any corner.  *(Sc in corner, ch 2, sc) in same corner*.  Sc across to next corner, repeat from *to* at every corner.  Bind off.

You can continue adding colors or stop at 1

I cut the yarn at the end of each color change.  Since some rows had quite a gap between color changes, I didn’t feel like carrying it through.  I wove in all of the yarn at the end.

If you would like to come up with your own striped pattern try this nifty stripe generator



    • My wife picked them out.. she has an eye for that kind of stuff. If it were up to me I would have thrown in purple, neon green and some other random color that made no sense! haha.. I will be sure to pass on the compliment to her.

  1. Beautiful work, the colours are lovely. I can’t believe you did this in just two days, that’s some seriously speedy hooking! You’ve got to love the fruits of distraction, which I can say from experience is an excellent technique. =) Hope you’re doing well.

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